Ahead of tryouts that will be occurring during June, many of the VOB travel teams will also be hosting open practices.  To attend an open practice / training session, please contact the individual team coach or manager of the respective VOB team.


Boys tryouts/ open practices

VOB Titans  U17 Boys (2004)              Looking for 2-3 players interested in playing soccer at a high level with an experienced                                                             group. We begin practicing weekly in July and more frequently  in August leading up to the                                                         Fall season. 

                                                       Open Practice/Tryouts: June 4th and June 11th
Coach: Peter Schneider                       


Girls tryouts/ open practices

VOB Dragons U10 Girls (2011)       Looking to add 2-3 players to an established team for fall season. Birth year 2011
Coach: Chris Zito                                 Tryout date(s) Tuesday June 1st & June 8th Friday June 4th & June 11th  5:15-6:15 at St. Pats                

Cell: 631-764-0530

VOB Blazers U11 Girls (2010)      Established, ompetitive team looking to add 2-3 players with a good attitude and willingness                                                      to learn/play. Practice once per week in offseason and twice weekly in season. Winter indoor                                                      training and multiple tournaments year round.
Coach: Wayne Young                       Open Practice Dates: May 25, June 1st, June 8th at St. Patrick's              

Cell: 631-523-1843

VOB Cosmos U11 Girls (2010)       Established team looking to add 1-2 players. Team typically plays in 2 tournaments per year and trains indoor during winter.
  Coach: Brian O'Connor                                Open Practice Dates: June 1st and June 8th at St. Patrick's                                                                email:                

  Cell: 631-334-6283

VOB Thunder U12 Girls (2009)             Looking to add several players to an established team. Tryout date(s) TBD.                                                     
Coach: Tom McGowan                             Please contact coach for more details.                             


Cell: 917-922-9268                    



VOB Revolution U13 Girls (2008)       Looking to add several players to an established team. Team will be playing in LIJSL Champion Division,
Coach: Tim Kiley                                  Tryout date(s) TBD - Please contact coach for more details.                                                        

Cell: 631-987-4529

VOB Lightning U13 Girls (2008)         Open Practice: June 11th 6:30pm at St. Patrick's
Coach: Suzanne Akerberg                       Tryout: June 18th 6:30pm at St. Patrick's                                  

Cell: 631-445-4914

VOB Liberty U14 Girls (2007)            Established Competitive team looking to add 2-3 players, Played Division 2 in LIJSL. Typically play 2                      

Coach: Doug Byrne                                            tournaments a year.  Please contact the coach for information regarding an open practice                  

Cell: 631-379-2330

VOB Freedom U15 Girls (2007)     Team Looking to Add 2-3 Athletic Players to Our Roster. We Play in NYCSL Division 4. Multi-SportAthletes                                                                                              Are Welcome. Two Local Tournaments   Per Year. Please Contact Coach, Chris Menella.

Coach: Chris Menella                                                           

Cell: 631-834-3971

VOB Kryptonite U16 Girls (2005)         Open Practice June 10th - 6:30pm at St. Patrick's                                                                                                                                                                                                    Tryout date: June17th 6:30pm at St. Patrick's                                                                                                                                                                     "No Crazy Parents"!!!                  

Coach: Nikki Peet                                                      

Cell: 631-579-0697